Yeah. This right here, this is Jason Matthew Smith. These pics are from Playmakers, the ESPN drama series he starred in years ago.

He portrayed the security guard unaffectionately known in the Star Trek Reboot as ‘Cupcake’. The one who tossed Kirk around the whole movie, pretty much.

Since there’s so much talk about putting Dave into the universe I just wanted to express my love to the EXISTING Dave Karofsky in the ST:Rebooot franchise. The one who is disliked by so many fans, but the one who kicked Kirk’s ass at the beginning of the movie for not taking ‘no’ for an answer and drunkenly slobering all over Nyota Uhura. And a guy who punches another guy for not leaving a lady along after she says no? Is a good guy in my book.

This is the guy I wrote about, A LOT, when I wrote ST fanfic. He is awesome. 

Just…you know. FYI.

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