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I’m not mad at him, I just really think he could have worded things better. I am happy that he is proud of his work in this episode, I really am. I look forward to the positive response that he will get from this. I just…IDK. :/ Sorry for the wank.

What should he have said? He asked who was excited about the episode. He didn’t say that this episode was going to be awesome, that everyone’s going to be happy and it’s a pile of giggles or rainbows. 

He’s excited. And he should be - it’s exciting. As groundbreaking as people treated the Klaine first time, this is just as groundbreaking as that. And it’s a hell of a lot more serious thing than gay sex on tv. It’s an exciting thing. 

And it’s twitter. I mean, what kind of mournful tweet should he have sent in the place of that one? We get mad at him for staying silent, we get mad at him for being excited. It’s frustrating.

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  1. thefirstmrshummel said: It’s the pedistal. I think some of us convinced ourselves that Max would never say anything that would hurt a single Pirate on this Earth. Which of course, he was doomed to fail at, being a human being and everything.
  2. smithie1674 said: I honestly don’t know. I agree that he could have meant it that way, that he was genuinely wondering who was excited. It was just sort of a kneejerk reaction. I am so sorry if it gave you the impression that I was mad at him. :(
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